Many people experience both pain and reduced physical function as a result of inflammation and red light therapy is a natural solution that can help with this condition. This treatment does not come with any of the distressing side effects that are part of anti-inflammatory drugs, which is why more and more patients are turning to this option.

There are a number of causes of inflammation, including physical causes like bruises, burns, injuries and wounds. Biological factors like infections, germs and stress can also lead to inflammation as can chemical irritants, toxins and alcohol. Lastly, environmental conditions can play a role in this as well because poor sleep, poor nutrition and dehydration can also all cause your body to become inflamed. Environmental factors normally play a big role in the development of chronic inflammation and symptoms include heat, redness, swelling, pain and loss of functions, which are all signs of inflammation.

The reason why red light therapy is becoming increasingly popular is that it is a natural inflammation treatment that does not come with any of the risks associated with drugs, so a lot of people prefer this option because it can treat inflammation safely and successfully. This type of therapy delivers concentrated wavelengths of natural light to your skin cells, which stimulate them and help reduce oxidative stress, allowing your body to make more usable energy to power itself. This treatment helps increase function, speeds up the healing process and lowers both inflammation and pain. Natural light therapy also alleviates chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues.

This type of treatment is highly recommended for inflammation because the results are very promising and demonstrate that light therapy does play a significant role in treating inflammation and pain and that it can be done naturally and successfully. Additionally, because it is able to do this without any unpleasant side effects, this treatment is becoming even more popular because it is a better option than most medications. Patients will notice reduced joint pain and higher energy levels and find themselves feeling a lot better overall. Inflammation and joint pain can prevent people from doing the activities they love and light therapy can help patients overcome their pain so that they can resume their daily activities.

The effects of natural light therapy are all positive and patients will see a significant change in terms of the soreness and inflammation they normally experience in their muscle tissues. It is a clinically-proven treatment that will successfully fight both pain and inflammation effectively and naturally, and Reach Optimal Health can provide you with more information regarding this type of treatment. If you suffer from joint pain or inflammation, give us a call today and we can discuss how light therapy will provide you with relief in every way.